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In view of COVID – 19, all of our staff are working remotely from home.

All our core services will be maintained where possible but please communicate with your file handler, by email, if possible or by dialling their Direct Dial Number. A list of email addresses and telephone numbers is below.

Thank you for your patience and co-operation.

Contact Details
Claimant Team email Direct Dial
Tilal Masood Tilal.masood@hebblelaw.co.uk 01422286062
Paul Phillips Paul.phillips@hebblelaw.co.uk 01422419172
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Defendant Team
Khalil Ali Khalil.ali@hebblelaw.co.uk 01422339310
Nadia Ahmad Nadia.ahmad@hebblelaw.co.uk 01422286350
Claire Butt Claire.butt@hebblelaw.co.uk 01422285448
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Katie Culshaw-Cunnane K.culshaw-cunnane@hebblelaw.co.uk 01422 41 9051


Road Traffic Accidents (‘RTA’s) happen all the time.  If you have been involved in an RTA, and you were not to blame, we can help.

Our team of solicitors and advisers are specialists in RTA claims.  They are passionate about customer service and providing sound legal advice.  At Hebble Law, we handle all types of RTA claims from minor loss claims right through to the most complex cases.  We try and keep our processes simple and keep our Clients fully informed, every step of the way.